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Benefits of Paid Leave

  • Paid leave provide income stability for families with new children since 13% of families with a new infant become poor within month.

  • Paid leave promotes families’ financial independence since new mothers who take paid leave are 54% more likely than mothers who do not to report wage increases and 39% less likely to need public assistance.    

Strengthens Economic Security for New Parents

  • Policies to support employees with workplace leave for family caregiving responsibilities are important for maintaining economic growth and are a sound investment for America’s working families and employers.​

  • Paid leave gives employees the ability to care for ill family members, strengthened their loyalty to their employer, and increased their likelihood of returning to work with the same employer after taking leave.   

Supports Caregivers

  • Paid parental leave reduces infant mortality and produces better long-term health outcomes, especially for children with chronic health conditions. 

  • Seriously ill children recover faster when care for by their parents - shortening a child's hospital stay by 31%. 

Improves Health Outcomes and Reduces Health Costs

  • Paid leave insurance program are an affordable way for businesses to support and retain workers when serious family and medical needs arise, without creating significant new administrative burdens

  • Paid leave reduces worker replacement costs

  • In California, where a state paid leave program has been in place since 2004, 90% of employers or more report positive or neutral effects of the program on turnover, productivity, profitability and performance and morale.

Improves Bottom Lines for Businesses

  • Paid leave provides time off to go to court and to get the support domestic violence victims need to recover from their experience, which can include counseling services.

  • Paid leave can offer the roughly 1.3 million American women who experience domestic violence annually an easier time getting back on their feet.

  • Paid leave gives them the time and space to turn their lives around without worrying if their jobs are at stake.

Supports Victims of Abuse

Economic Security
Health Outcomes
Victims of Abuse
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