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Join the Fight for
Paid Family & Medical Leave
for all Wisconsin workers

Everyone has the right to take care of themselves and their family without the fear of losing their job. 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment


Everyone has a story, what's yours?

Take Action

Take Action

Letters to the Editor

A few of our coalition members wrote letters to the editors of their local news publications to express their views on paid leave in Wisconsin.

Click on the images below to read the published letters.

2024 LTE Paid Leave Cap Times.png
2024 LTE Sheboygan Press .png

These letters are just one example of how you can take action in the fight for Paid Leave for ALL Wisconsin families. Choose to make a difference by selecting one of the actions below.

Supportive Doctor

Tell Legislators it's time for paid leave for working Wisconsinites! Join our letter-writing campaign to tell your legislators to support Paid Family & Medical Leave in Wisconsin. 

Your story is unique and powerful. What happened when you were faced with caring for a loved one, but getting time off work seemed impossible? What were you forced to do? Share your experiences so we can highlight it with policymakers to influence change. 

Join organizations and businesses across the state to fight for Wisconsin's first Paid Family & Medical Leave program. It's time to invest in our workforce with family supporting policies, so that our communities can thrive. 

The Wisconsin Care Coalition is building a movement of working Wisconsinites to advance the care economy policies. We are committed to working with affected community members and leaders, organizations, and policymakers to make Paid Family & Medical Leave a reality.

Are you concerned about the lack of investment in our workforce and absence of paid leave policy to support our working families, and want others to know about it? Here's a list of local newspapers you can reach out to!

Promote Paid Family & Medical Leave on social media! We encourage you to Like and Share our Facebook Page, and keep up to date on our progress by signing up for our newsletter and interest form. Let's make a difference in the lives of working families together!

Benefits of Paid Leave

Paid leave is not just a benefit, it is a fundamental right. We must fight for it as we fight for all basic human rights.

Paid Leave for Wisconsin Campaign

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